Novavax may be a sleeper in 2014

Novavax, inc is warranting the respect of Investors, with 120% yield from year to date. The Rockville, Maryland based bio pharmaceutical company specializing in creating vaccines to treat a broad range of infectious disease around the world. Novavax also has ties in India, they hold a joint venture with Cadila Pharmaceutical. The state-of-the-art vaccine facility in Dholka, India that has the capability of producing potentially 60 million doses of novel vaccines every year. Many money managers target $NVAX, which trades on the NASDAQ at between $5-$6 in fiscal 2014. Stability lies with an advanced seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine development 5 year contract worth over 179 million with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority better known as BARDA. Novavax has a very meaningful goal in a rejuvenated market that investors should jump on, “be able to rapidly deliver a customized vaccine in the midst of a declared pandemic”. The 52 week high and low is $4.34 and $1.68, with an average volume a bit above 3 million. The Vaccine market is growing, you should expect $NVAX to as well. 


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